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  • Zodiac Life rafts
  • Throw-over Life rafts - designed for cargo ships, passenger ships and approved by the main Maritime Administration. Life rafts are manufactured with durable polyurethane coated fabric, assembled by new hot technique called Thermobonding. Zodiac life rafts are computer-controlled, which eliminates the inconsistencies inherent in the old fashioned gluing methods. They are especially safety when loaded, easy to serve, required light and with strong glass reinforced plastic GRP containers.

    1. An extensive range - 4,6,8,10,12,16,20,25,37,50 and 150 persons

    2. An extensive range - 12,16,20,25,37 persons- David Launched

    Head office: 6, Krali Marko Str, 9000 Varna, Bulgaria
    tel:+359 52 605599, 601611, fax:+359 52 601154 BG, VHF-16 channel,
    e-mail: mail@moniks.com
    Branch office: 33, Industial Str., 8000 Bourgas, Bulgaria
    tel: +359 56 840 824, fax: +359 56 842 085,