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  • Transportation
  • Recently, Moniks Marine Service Ltd. has established a successful and useful logistic network serving as domestically as internationally. The company is well equipped with modern trucks, and all the certificates and qualification needed (green cards, ARD, dangerous cargo). Moniks Marine Service Ltd. has 6 trucks totally loading 30 tones, varying from 1 – 7 tones and couple of refrigerator wagons. We also operate with a truck–cistern with loading capacity 12 tones for transportation of oils. Moniks Marine Service Ltd. freights your cargo locally and internationally as your load is insured and well prevented according to the law specifications. Moniks Marine Services Ltd. transportation department is forming not only transport services, but also forwarding and customs representation. We freight cargo all over the world, but mostly to neighbour countries – Turkeys, Romania (Constanza), Macedonia and Serbia, Monte Negro, Moldova and Ukraine countries of the European Community – Greece, France, Italy, Germany, Great Britain, France, The Netherlands, Austria; also Russia. Our team is dedicated to our needs and at your service 24 hours.

  • Custom Representation
  • Moniks Marine Services Ltd. is an authorized Customs agent under Permission ¹ 107-1/1999, issued by The Ministry of Finance of Republic. Company issues all the necessary documents to present its customers and partners locally and complete the service. We manage all customs regime (import; transit; export and store) and the adequate documents. Moniks Marine Service Ltd. possesses a General bank guarantee enables the company to secure all the current operations and the trust of its foreign partners. The team of the Customs Agent is well experienced in customs operations. The team of Custom Agents is well experienced to manage all custom operations.

  • Stores
  • Moniks Marine Service Ltd. maintains a complex store base near by Varna port with a total capacity of around 1 617 m2. The warehouse is in open and closed area and is in great use for storing a wide variaty of goods, consumatives and ship equipment as spare parts and pyrotechnics. The company controls as well as cistern tanks for storring up fuel, oil and lubricants. Moniks Marine Service Ltd. has a General bank quarantee and the necessary certificates for acomplishing this operation.


    Head office: 6, Krali Marko Str, 9000 Varna, Bulgaria
    tel:+359 52 605599, 601611, fax:+359 52 601154 BG, VHF-16 channel,
    e-mail: mail@moniks.com
    Branch office: 33, Industial Str., 8000 Bourgas, Bulgaria
    tel: +359 56 840 824, fax: +359 56 842 085,