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  • Ship repair
  • Moniks Marine Services Ltd. is constantly developing the activity of ship repair. Nowadays, for Moniks Marine Service Ltd. is working well qualified team of ship repair specialists, enable the company to accomplish any kind of repair task you enclose to us. We are repairing, painting, supplying missing parts and technical equipment.
    Up to now Moniks Marine Service Ltd. has completed more than ten dockings, including hull repair and painting, complete repair of the motors, turbines and various servomechanisms. The company owns a well stocked store with spare parts, all machines needed, two completely equipped movable workshops; and everything else necessary is supplied by a world famous or well known local producers with.

    Mechanical Repair activity

    1. Repair of internal combustion engines
    2. Repair of turbo chargers
    3. Pump repair
    4. Repair of heat-exchanging apparatuses
    5. Metals substitution - metal sheet iron and profiles
    6. Hull welding activity and building of metal constructions
    7. Repair of electrical generators and electrical engines
    8. Repair and building of electrical installations
    9. Repair and placing of pipe systems
    10. Repair of pipe fixture and delivery of new on Dry docking

    Electronic equipment Repair activity

    1. Maintenance and repair /replacement/ of marine bridge equipment. / Radar's, gyrocompasses, autopilots, echo sounders etc./
    2. Test and maintenance /repair, replacement / GMDSS systems -SART, EPIRB, GPS systems, Satellite systems
    3. Electronic fire and gas detection systems. TV, audio and video equipment.

  • Spare parts
  • Moniks Marine Service Ltd. provides a wide range of new and used spare parts after recycling, stocked up or requested by you. Along with the long list of spare parts, the company provides units as:

  • All kinds of CH; CHN; Sulzer; VTR; SKL; Deutz; B&W; MAN; Skoda; Mitsubishi;
  • separtors, generators, compressors, filters, pumps, fans, governors, motors, rotors, hoister, cylinders.
  • www.moniks.com
    Head office: 6, Krali Marko Str, 9000 Varna, Bulgaria
    tel:+359 52 605599, 601611, fax:+359 52 601154 BG, VHF-16 channel,
    e-mail: mail@moniks.com
    Branch office: 33, Industial Str., 8000 Bourgas, Bulgaria
    tel: +359 56 840 824, fax: +359 56 842 085,