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  • Safety equipment and services – Zodiac; CSM

    For a long time Moniks Marine Service Ltd. has been providing safety systems and equipment, nowadays we are also serving them. At the moment Moniks Marine Services Ltd. is authorized commercial representative of both world famous inflatable life rafts' producers - Zodiac International and Shanghai Star Rubber Products Co. (CSM). Moniks Marine Service Ltd. manages an approved by Administration service station for inspecting Zodiac and CSM life rafts, situated in the commercial area of Varna town close to the port. Company is able to support and serve any ship at any port in Bulgaria providing transportation and necessary equipment.


    Zodiac's products are well-known world wise and recognized only by the professionals of the marine industry. Company disposes Zodiac’s life safety systems for commercial and passenger fleet approved by SOLAS, and a wide range of inflated life rafts for yachts, cruises, small and big ships.
    For more information please use the link.


    CSM has more than 40 series and 100 specifications of products that have already been designed and developed. Its products are in compliance with the requirements of SOLAS(1996) as amended ,LSA,HSC and MSC81(70) of IMO and ISO 9650:2005, also approved by relevant authorities or classification societies such as China, European Communicates, Japan, Russia, USA, Canada, etc. CSM service net consists of about 200 service stations covering the main ports all over the world is now offering a quick and convenient service to the owners. For more information please use the link.

    Moniks Marine Service has an authorized professional team, certified for testing of life rafts the task. We service life rafts from the ports of Varna, Bourgas, and Rousse.

    Head office: 6, Krali Marko Str, 9000 Varna, Bulgaria
    tel:+359 52 605599, 601611, fax:+359 52 601154 BG, VHF-16 channel,
    e-mail: mail@moniks.com
    Branch office: 33, Industial Str., 8000 Bourgas, Bulgaria
    tel: +359 56 840 824, fax: +359 56 842 085,