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  • Bunkering
  • Moniks Marine Services Ltd. succeed of establishing very detailed and strong network of delivering and supplying fuels and oils to all ports requested by you. Our long experience in bunkering, created a steady relation with the biggest supplier Lukoil. As a correct and reliable partner of Lukoil, Moniks Marine Service Ltd. would be your trustful and consistent bunkering partner. Our clients believe that we are recognized as associate of superior service and quality of supplies. Moniks Marine Service Ltd. is in charge of fuel warehouse under customs control, with capacity 250 t. The company is managing modern tanker trucks, securing your delivery of all kinds of fuels, used on the ships on competitive prices. Also Moniks Marine Service Ltd. owns oil cisterns of 50 t, 2 cisterns for liquid fuels and 1 for liquid gas, a motor boat, a fuel barge for rent. Moniks Marine Service Ltd. provides 24 hours service of fuels and oils supply to all the ports requested by you.

  • Lubricants - direct representative of Lukoil
  • Moniks Marine Service Ltd. is a direct representative of LukOilís lubricants and it is able to supply any kinds of marine oils as: marine diesel oil for sea and river ships, marine engine and hydraulic oils, cylindrical and industrial marine oil. Moniks Marine Service is a dealer of lubricants and a 24 hours service partner of supplying at any port requested by you.

    Moniks Marine Service Ltd. is a representative of famous greases and lubricant producer the world petrol giant Lukoil:
    Alumslip, Copaslip, Copaslip Leed free, ADF, AS40, EHT, FMG, HSB, LQG, MBG, OGL, OGS, PAG, SCS, OCL, GPG Lithium, MCC, MWF, MWS, MEP, MSO, Engine Oil Additive, Gearbox Oil Additive, Combat 88 , CPF, NF Electrocleaner, Rusolvent.

    Head office: 6, Krali Marko Str, 9000 Varna, Bulgaria
    tel:+359 52 605599, 601611, fax:+359 52 601154 BG, VHF-16 channel,
    e-mail: mail@moniks.com
    Branch office: 33, Industial Str., 8000 Bourgas, Bulgaria
    tel: +359 56 840 824, fax: +359 56 842 085,