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As a leader in the "ship supplying" competition, Moniks Marine Servises Ltd. strives to be your reliable partner. The tradition, experience and qualification of our staff guarantee the fulfillment of your needs timely and quality.

Moniks Marine Services LTD - Shipsupply and Shiprepair


Moniks Marine Services Ltd. is established in 1989 by ch.eng. Vasil Vasilev, as the first private ship chandler in Bulgaria. We were nominated as one of the biggest ship chandler in Bulgaria and a real professional in the ship supply industry. Moniks Marine Services Ltd. owns all licenses and permissions to operate and develop ship supply and foreign trade , spare parts, ship repair, provision, bonded store, deck, engine, galley, cabin, bridge equipment, bunkering, firefighting and rescue equipment, life raft and safety service, customs representation and any kind of logistic activities. Ch.eng Vasil Vasilev is one of founders and first chairman of The Bulgarian Association of Ship Suppliers (BSSA) in 1995. Moniks Marine Services Ltd. is also an authorized Customs agent, in accordance with Permission N 107-1/1999, issued by The Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Bulgaria. Moniks Marine Service Ltd. owns all the certificates and equipment needed to serve you and comply with the tasks you given us. We are approved and registered under ISO 9001:2015, which is a certain sign of high quality profile.

Moniks Marine Service Ltd. main office is in the city of Varna – Bulgaria, but the company also posses a branch office in the town of Burgas and a representative one in the town of Constanta, Romania. The provision and technical supply is the basic and very well developed activity of Moniks Marine Services Ltd., which the company has been successfully managing for more than 30 years now. During that time, we have developed the other activities which make as a sustainable and reliable partner for the present and future clients. Furthermore, we built an experienced and consistent system matching temporary the marine industry changes. For example, we created a flexible logistic network with modern trucks and dry dock facilities, established numerous contacts with Bulgarian and foreign well known producers and importers, have professional customs representation, created huge warehouse and provoked smart and ambitious working team. Our outstanding results are thanks to the educated and experienced working team in Moniks Marine Services Ltd. and the traditions we tend to impose into the East Europe marine industry.


Moniks Marine Services Ltd. with 30/thirty/ years experience on the marine market and approved professional in ship supply industry, nominated the company by many well known and respectable ship owners as “COLUMBIA Shipmanagement Ltd-Germany,Cyprus,Singapore.,Anship LLC-Moskow, Interorient Shipmanagement, TB Marine Shipmanagement GmbH & Co. KG, Petronav Shipmanagement Limited-Cyprus ,Thenamaris Ship Management Inc.” – Greece, “Polsteam Oceantramp” – Poland, “V-Ship” – Monako, MSC SHIPMANAGEMENT LIMITED ,Oldendorff Carriers GmbH & Co. KG-Germany, etc.

Moniks Marine Service Ltd. is honored to be approved member of IMPA,ISSA, OCEAN,BSSA ,Bureau Veritas and it is also a representative of world wise famous producers as:

AKZO NOBEL – International Paint, CSM, Katradis, Tufropes Private Limited,Teryair Equipement Pvt.Ltd,Ningbo Zhenhua Lifesaving Equipement Co.Ltd.

The company has 1200m2 covered warehouses, customs and excise warehouses, 10 trucks (3 of which are refrigerate freezers) , a boat and bunker charter and 25 people qualified personnel. All the above ensures that Moniks Marine services Ltd. is a verified and reliable contractor and partner for your service.


General Ship Supply

Marine distress signal and Safety equipment

Mooring rope

Ship repair and Spare parts

Bunkering and lubricants


Survey and Inspection

Moniks Marine Service has thirty years of experience in the maritime business, with the necessary qualified staff. As a result, we have a lot of assigned and developed tasks in the field of ship and sailplane survey. We have realized survey in bunker and boat sales as well as their operational status. Surveys are mainly for international companies. We are ready to accomplish our tasks in a short time with reliable and professionally trained specialists. In the safety equipment we have clearance for CSM rescue booths, ect.. for cabin sailing. At your request, we are ready to implement the assigned tasks in a short time.


Monik Marine Service Ltd is a company with thirty years of experience in ship supply. Many of the materials, chemicals and lubricants used are part of the industry. One example is the Globe Valve (Valve), Butterfly valve and others. Chemicals for cleaning and prophylaxis: electroclean (ecclenean), ecoclean (eco-friendly), etc. Our commercial relationships with Shell, Mobile, Lukoil, etc. can also be used in the industry. Mobile groups for engine repair, pipe fittings, electrical equipment and more. have a rich experience and professional experience. Call if you are interested in providing us with a quote and a deadline!

Customs representative, Transit ship spare


Our Team

Ivan Vasilev

Ivan Vasilev

Sales department

/General ship supply, Safety equipment and Inspections/

Tel: +359 52 601 611

Fax: +359 52 601 154

E-mail: ivan@moniks.com

Mob: +359 885 808 180

Vasil Vasilev

Ch.eng Vasil Vasilev

General Manager

/Bunkering ,Ship rapair and spareparts/

Tel: +359 52 601 611

Fax: +359 52 601 154

E-mail: vassilev@moniks.com

Mob: +359 888 800 949

In a sense, ship supply is more than a business. It has always been an activity based on trust, through which suppliers look after the necessities of the Master and crew and establish solid, sometimes lifelong, commercial relationships between shipping companies and port communities


Moniks Marine Services Ltd

Address: Krali Marko 6 str, Varna 9000 ,Bulgaria

Tel: +359 52 601 611

Fax: +359 52 601 154

e-mail: mail@moniks.com


Head Office

Address :Krali Marko str 6,

Varna 9000, Bulgaria

Tel: +359 52 601 611

Fax : +359 52 601 154

e-mail: mail@moniks.com

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Bourgas 8002 , Bulgaria

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Branch office Constanta :

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Warehouse :

Head Office

Address: Devnya str. 163,

Varna , Bulgaria

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e-mail: store@moniks.com

Ports :

Port Burgas, Bulgaria

Port Nessebar, Bulgaria

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Port Mangalia, Romania

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